SBHstudio & ETHshanghai 2023 Summit Exhibition

“ Silicon Holy Tower ”

This is a towering, symmetrical silicon-based mechanical device tower, officially supported by the Ethereum Foundation and first debuted at the ETHShanghai 2023 Summit. The heart of the device represents the world's first proposed concept and technology of universalizing and democratizing smart contracts with Ether, evolving from a two-dimensional electronic logo to a three-dimensional representation in the physical world. This symbolizes that three-dimensional Ether is the core source of the silicon-based worldview. The work itself acts both as a sentient silicon-based life form and as the central nexus connecting the viewer, the display body, and the displayed content. It also serves as a voxel-style holy tower architectural structure, placing human identity and the virtual silicon-based world of the device field side by side.

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