「P01NT」 ,More Than Just NFT

“The largest and most avant-garde crypto art project in China”
In the post-pandemic era, the boundaries between reality and virtuality are gradually blurring, sketching an infinite vista of a "spiritual utopia" in the metaverse. NFTs, using blockchain as a medium, are writing a new chapter in the history of art. BCA Gallery's "P01NT" in Shanghai, lasting for 100 days, breaks down geographical barriers and invites collectors from all regions to join an experiment that transcends the boundaries of the physical world and the virtual universe, unlocking the contextual display and application of NFTs.

Each symbol in "P01NT" carries its own meaning: "P" stands for point, "0" and "1" are the basic characters in binary code, "N" represents non-fungible, and "T" signifies token. However, setting aside these symbols and abbreviations that require some blockchain knowledge to understand, simply put, this is a canvas composed of various forms based on the "point" as the basic unit — dots, lines, surfaces, triangles, squares, and circles. The point, or "point," serves as the smallest unit of the exhibition and is also the NFT that can be purchased. This NFT acts as a blank layer on the entire "canvas" that can be colored in any shade or even filled with other on-chain images. This means that the purchaser of the "point," also known as the "collector," can display their existing visual NFT collections by owning "points" on the canvas. Each "collector" can mint or purchase many "points," thereby gaining curatorial rights over a certain area of the canvas. In this way, not only can each "point" on the "canvas" be considered a work of art, but each "point" also corresponds to a coordinate on both the real exhibition hall and the on-chain "canvas," making the entire "canvas" a piece of art. This "work" results from the collective creation of many people and leaves a permanent mark on the public blockchain.

「P01NT」At Bitcoin 2022
「P01NT」,At the Metro City ,Shanghai
「P01NT」 At NFT.NYC 2022
「P01NT」  At Alibaba Usee Design Week

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