SiliconSkin — 004

SBHstudio presents a work that transcends the conventional physical form boundaries of silicon-based life forms. In the process of expressing themselves through different mediums, silicon-based life forms typically manifest in a state composed of a complete number of glowing beads, encapsulated into a unified screen. Behind this commonly perceived form lies a plethora of possibilities. In this process, the mimicry phase that people see, the skin appearance of the silicon-based entity, shares a structure similar to humans, consisting of systems like bones, blood vessels, skin surface, and nerve transmission, albeit with different components. This piece magnifies this concept, transitioning from a complete skin state to various possibilities in irregular, incomplete, inverted, and dispersed states. The inner mimicry part under this concept forms a new abstract visual, expressing the silicon entity's new possibilities from non-singularity to combinable physical states.

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