Founder of SBHstudio

Founder of BCA Technology Art

Crypto Researcher at the Art Center of the CAFAIC


Sun Bohan is an applied science artist working and living in Beijing, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley. He is the principal of SBHstudio, the founder of BCA Technology Art, and a faculty member in the Technology Art program at the International College of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. An early practitioner of Web 3.0, Sun has held various roles at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, including middle school, undergraduate, graduate student, and teacher. His works have been collected by the CAFA Art Museum. As an early blockchain researcher and investor, he possesses a comprehensive industry research perspective. In March 2021, he curated "Virtual Niche," the world's first major crypto art group exhibition at UCCA Labs, pioneering the creator ecosystem for crypto art in Asia.

Since 2020, Sun has delivered public lectures and shared his insights at several prestigious institutions, including the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Beijing Film Academy, Shenzhen University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, USC Marshall School of Business, University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins, Christie's Education, and NFTNYC, among others. His work and contributions have been featured in media outlets such as CGTN, China News Service, artnet, BAZAAR ART, Art Ifeng, GQ, and more. Currently, he is committed to promoting the integration of technology, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and art, and to exploring the construction of a complete, efficient, and standardized technology art ecosystem.

The world's first Major crypto art Exhibition in UCCA Lab

“Virtual Niche — Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?”

It became a grand celebration for both the art community and crypto community around the world jointly with Bitcoin, Etherum and Polkadot Community with art showcasing technology in blockchain, AI , AR/VR and 3D printing.



Bid $999,000 to auction for an NFT music piece by Elon Musk

“As the first collector in Asia to participate in the bidding”


「 P01NT 」 , More Than Just NFT

“ The largest and most avant-garde crypto art project in China ”

In the post-pandemic era, the boundaries between reality and virtuality are gradually blurring, sketching an infinite vista of a "spiritual utopia" in the metaverse. NFTs, using blockchain as a medium, are writing a new chapter in the history of art. BCA Gallery's "P01NT" in Shanghai, lasting for 100 days, breaks down geographical barriers and invites collectors from all regions to join an experiment that transcends the boundaries of the physical world and the virtual universe, unlocking the contextual display and application of NFTs.


China's First Generative Art Collection Exhibition


China's first international offline generative art group exhibition, "Art-Infused,Silicon Future,Tech-Generative,Innovation Synthesis" opened on November 18, 2023, in the #024 space in Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The event lasted nearly three weeks, until December 3. The event was organized by SBHstudio and the Beijing New Consumer Brand Incubation Base, with #024 as the venue host, the Central Academy of Fine Arts International College as the academic supporter, the college student entrepreneurship community Campus VC as the maker partner, and Si Xian Intelligent providing hardware support for the exhibition. " Art-Infused,Silicon Future,Tech-Generative,Innovation Synthesis " Sci-Tech Art Festival aimed to bring together international and domestic innovators in the arts and technology fields, demonstrating how technology and innovation are reshaping the boundaries of art.


“Silicon Based Generative—NO.3” In the T&ARTCON SHANGHAI 2023

Asia's First Silicon-Based Ultra Sensory Exhibition

At T&ARTCON 2023, a panoramic hall was presented on-site, showcasing the work "Silicon Base Generative-No.3" by Sun Bohan, a practitioner of silicon-based art in the Web3.0 era. This is a large-scale installation based on the survival characteristics of silicon-based life forms, divided into two parts: silicon-based hardware and silicon-based software. Visitors will be enveloped by the massive silicon-based life form, plunging into a parallel silicon-based spacetime created by the artist. Sun Bohan is currently committed to promoting the integration of technology, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and art, exploring the construction of a complete, efficient, and standardized tech-art ecological loop.



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